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Tony Margaritelli - ICPA

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Client Case Studies

How Complete Controller is Winning More Tech Savvy Clients with an App

"The cloud platform was sexy a decade ago but the phone is the future"

How MMNT is Focusing on the Smartphone to Increase Touch Points with Clients

“We don’t know of any other firms that have their own ‘awesome’ App' - as one client referred to it"

Why the Australian Firm, 542 Partners, Sees the Phone as the Vital Link Between Accountants and their Clients

“Most clients get their news, information, finances and banking from their phone, it makes sense that their accountants are on board with this too”

How Valley Accounting and Tax is Creating More ‘Stickiness’ with their Phone App

‘No matter how you splice and dice our client base; they all have a cell phone’

Why the CP Waites App is a ‘Great Selling Point’ for the Firm

“The Timeliness of the Newsflashes is Impressive and Means our Clients are Always on the Ball”



Tony Margaritelli

“Just to let you know, I asked 2 fledgling Accountants yesterday to check out the product. One was 22 and one 25. Both thought the product was great and intuitive which proves my theory exactly that this is the future and old dinosaurs like me need to wake up to it!”

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Shawn Higginbotham

“I am very pleased with the process so far. Everyone has been very responsive and easy to work with. ”

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Cormac Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald & Partners

“Following on from our launch we are getting huge positive traction on this App and lots of people very keen to use it.”

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Colin Greatorex
Colin Greatorex Limited

“I can really see a great and exciting future for me using MyFirmsApp to organise control and operate my accountancy practice in the 21st century to become one of the leading brands in the world.”

Debbie Whitaker
Not Just Numbers

“The app is great and makes us aware of what we are doing, keeping us up there with the latest tech – we stopped using our tax cards – we used to have them in briefcases, on desks; now we just use the app for meetings and with clients – we’ll check the latest rates and find it’s all there in the app. If clients are taking an employee on and need to decide on their net pay – they can work it out on the payslip calculator. We’ll also see them using the loan calculator, and for clients, that is how we get them engaged. We’re paying for the app and not spending money on budget cards anymore – information is instant.”

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