How to Keep Business Development Alive
Preparing your firm for the future

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About Business Development

With some predicting that the upcoming COVID recession will be worse than the Great Depression, firms need to be doing everything they can right now to ensure that they’ve enough clients in their new business pipeline to see them through the coming hard times.

Against this backdrop, our third webinar in the COVID-19 Support Programme for the Accounting Profession series looks at ‘How to Keep Business Development Alive’.

Top flight presenters from the UK, U.S. and Australia share international best practice, debate the most powerful ways to connect in a virtual world and teach you how to future proof your firm in a recession.


  • Rob Brown, founder of Business Development Academy advising progressive accounting firms on BD and growth
  • Katie Tolin – Author, speaker and trainer, past President for Association for Accounting Marketing
  • Andrew van de Beek – Chartered Accountant and Australian Accounting Thought Leader of the Year 2018, Founder and Head of Purpose, Illumin8 –  has worked in the Australian accounting industry for the last decade
  • Dan Richards, Stategic Partnerships Director, MyFirmsApp