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Our customers’ success is our number one priority

Our journey started in 2012 when we developed the first ever custom App for the profession and now there are over 2900 accountants using our App technology. The firms that use our Apps are seen as amongst the most forward  thinking globally and with the help of our simple and natural digital solutions find they can drive deeper relationships with their clients.

We know that delivering powerful technology is only part of the solution to the digital communication challenge faced by firms across the globe. These digital solutions need to be supported with high level meaningful content that allows the accountant to keep their clients informed and always up to date. This commitment to deliver a continual flow of statutory information lies at the heart of our business and is what we believe makes MyFirmsApp unique in the industry.

A  lot  of  today’s  software  companies  only respond to customers via live chat or email. As a MyFirmsApp customer, everyone is allocated a dedicated Customer Account Manager (CAM), who will work with the firm to make sure they are getting the most value out of their investment.

Your CAM will help you define the communication KPI’s that matter to your business, and forge a clear path to success that we can walk alongside you to build you stronger, longer lasting client relationships. These CAMs know more about helping firms successfully engage with their colleagues, clients and prospects through their own App than anyone else globally.  They’re ready to put this experience to good work for you too.

Quarterly calls and interim on-track reviews form part of our customer care support package and are included within your monthly subscription.

Over the last six months firms around the world, just like yours, have enjoyed...
Digital engagements with their clients that we've created for them
Increase of clients engaging content through their App
0 %
Increase in document scanning within firms’ Apps
Increase in using the tax data within firms’ Apps

For the serious traveller, Traveller Magazine is a mine of information, keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends in travel and tourism.

“You could be sitting with a client and you can just get the App out if you need to access any information. Everyone carries their phone around and so they have access to your details on the App instantly.”

Stephanie Fitzpatrick-Corkin,
Acc & Tax Ltd

For the serious traveller, Traveller Magazine is a mine of information, keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends in travel and tourism.

“Since implementing the OneApp platform, we are increasingly using more immediate and direct messaging techniques rather than email to foster stronger, personal relationships”

Alan Woods,

For the serious traveller, Traveller Magazine is a mine of information, keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends in travel and tourism.

“You are all doing great things for accountants – keep up the good work”

Geni Whitehouse,
Keynote Presenter and CPA Author, California
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Supporting your firm

Our team is dedicated to putting you first and delivering the best experience possible
  • We provide you an App for your firm
  • We help you launch it to your clients
  • We train all your staff and clients
  • We provide you and your clients great content
  • We provide exclusive tax and finance tools for your clients
  • We provide custom support and quarterly reviews to make sure you’re getting the greatest value

Great customer care

Our UK offices are a global hub for support and guidance. Open Monday to Friday we’re online to answer your questions and enquiries.

Be there

Dedicated account managers

Our Customer Success team is responsible for your great experience. Our dedicated account managers will get you off to the best possible start, and support you throughout your App journey with us.


E-Learning Hub

The e-learning hub quickly takes firms through a sequence of online training modules to ensure that they have both the data and the knowledge to enhance the client’s experience of the firm’s services.

Provided in video format, the training sessions can be viewed on the go, and most videos take no more than a couple of minutes to watch. Coupled with support from your CAM, the e-learning hub ensures your client communication expertise; helping you to achieve your all important client communication KPIs.

Accelerate Client App downloads with Auto-launch

Auto-launch is a simple solution that enables firms to upload their client data and send out a series of personal communications to the client base; encouraging them to download the firm’s App and take advantage of the benefits it offers them.

Keeping clients informed and up to date on changing tax and financial matters is an important service Accountants provide to their clients. This is seen as crucial value-added support that reinforces the role Accountants’ play as their client’s most trusted financial and tax advisor.

“Thank you for the opportunity to reach so many new users. We’ve pushed the app in previous mail outs, email signatures, etc, but this executed campaign has seen a fantastic response in comparison.”

Matt Joyes,
Ashfield Accountancy