You can occupy the most important space on the planet

We don’t live in the industrial and agricultural age any more – we live in the digital age, and the assets that matter are also digital. They can occupy the most important space on the planet right now – the screen of a smartphone.
Daniel Priestley – 24 Assets

An App for your firm

You can now engage with clients and prospects directly to their mobile, a place they are spending more and more of their time, in two different ways thanks to MyFirmsApp.  It’s America’s number 1 App for CPAs, bookkeepers and professional service firms using the world’s approved App solution.

Option one – choose the OneApp platform which enables you to have your profile live in a matter of weeks, at an affordable level and suitable for firms of all sizes. Option two – let MyFirmsApp create your own bespoke App.

Whichever option you choose, you can be on your clients’ smartphones and tablets 24/7, 365 days a year, with peace of mind that everything is updated, managed and looked after by us.

Approved Apps for American CPAs & Bookkeepers
American Tax App

Why are American firms launching their own Custom Apps?

It’s a changing landscape, mobile use is soaring and Apps have now become the number one tool we use. What’s more, with so much innovation occurring in America around the Add-on community, cloud software providers, new tech start-ups and the IRS, things are already starting to get very messy for advisers and their customers. Some firms are offering clients scores of different Apps. Others are simply leaving clients to take a DIY approach and find their own.

Today, it’s important for American firms to have a proven solution that connects them with their clients, that brings together all the individual components, Apps, logins and portals they want to offer into a centralized place that’s in their brand.

Connect, engage, interact and impress your clients

Launching your own mobile App will differentiate you and demonstrate how modern and innovative your firm is. Plus, it’s going to connect you with your clients in a new, unique way, helping you to engage and communicate using the very latest technology.

Wherever your clients are and whatever they are doing, your App is already there, ready to provide useful tools, information and advice.

Exceptional features

Access a world-class platform containing a unique combination of content tailored for American clients such as tools, features and integrations, plus the option to upgrade to specific modules to customize your users’ experience. Full feature list here.

Finance & Tax Pack

Give your clients critical content, updates, tax dates, key rates, finance news – all in-App.


An incredibly powerful way to communicate directly with your App users (individuals or groups of users) with a 90% + open rate.

Automated Marketing

Bi-weekly messages created and distributed automatically by us via your App – without the need for you to do anything at all!

Receipt Manager

Capture receipts using the camera phone, input the data, save and export when appropriate – no more lost receipts!

Income Tracker

Log and track income whilst out and about, input notes, then export at any time – all at the touch of a button.

GPS Mileage Tracking

Using in-built GPS technology, users track, save, and export mileage – all with a simple tap of the Mileage Tracker icon in the App.


Bring the multitude of Apps together, including IRS, into one simple, centralized place, in your brand, thanks to integrations with almost all major platforms.

100% Compliant

We work with some of the biggest tax teams in the world to make sure the App is approved, endorsed and compliant – giving you total peace of mind.

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